How to view CCTV on a TV - HDMI, VGA & Composite

21 April 2016  |  Mark Curry

1.HDMI Video Output

The majority of CCTV DVR’s now have a HDMI interface. This can connect direct to a HDMI input on your Television or PC Monitor. This interface can carry both Video and Audio from the recorder and present it on the screen of the television giving you a 1920 x 1080 image of your system.

Alliance HDMI OutputHDMI Cable


2.VGA Video Output

Some TV’s also have a PC VGA input. It may be possible to connect the VGA output from the DVR to this type of TV (as long as it supports standard PC resolutions). Unfortunately you would also need to be connected from the DVR  if you wish to get the audio on the TV as VGA doesn't carry the audio like HDMI.  

Alliance VGA OutputVGA Cable


3.Composite Video Output

Some DVR’s support connecting an output to a TV via the composite video input (Yellow RCA plug). Audio can also be connected from most via the Audio composite connections (Red & White RCA plugs). Using a coaxial to composite or scart converter, would allow this connection. Alternatively you can use a BNC Female to Phono Male connector on the end of coaxial cable to convert the BNC to Composite.  

Alliance Composite OutputSONY DSC

Please note that the DVR above does not support the BNC/Composite Video Out function as default. In order for you to utilize this feature you will require a VGA to BNC/Composite pass through device which will use the VGA output on the DVR to convert it to BNC/Composite. But don't worry about losing your VGA output as this is a pass through device meaning you will still be able to use the VGA as well.This device can be found here.

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