Why to Buy HD TVI and not HD SDI or HD CVI

6 January 2016  |  Mark Curry

It's happening again another format war is on the horizon just like the days of HD-DVDs and Blu Ray DVDs and Beta-Max or VHS?

 There are currently four competing standards on the market competing for true HD recording quality. These standards are HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI, and IP. HD-SDI is slowly losing the battle with IP and with CVI and TVI making great advances in the market SDI will soon be obsolete, with only two remaining survivors will be HD-TVI and IP, and here is why: Here at miecctv.co.uk we stopped carrying HD-SDI as every major manufacturer is abandoning this technology in favor of other solutions,  if you purchase an SDI DVR or camera you risk not being able to upgrade or replace your equipment in future, this technology is becoming obsolete. The only advantage HD-SDI had over IP before HD-TVI and CVI came along was that you could run it on the existing cable infrastructure. But with SDI being so fussy and with limited distance restrictions most installers found out the hard way they soon had to rewire the job anyway. This is why HD-SDI is the wrong choice for your CCTV system.  

Why HD TVI will beat CVI and HD-SDI in the HD CCTV format war

 HD-SDI is quickly being replaced by HD-TVI and CVI due to its ability to use existing BNC Siamese cable with less issues with signal loss on long runs. We recommend steering clear of HD-SDI as this format will soon be obsolete. HD-CVI is only currently manufactured by one company - Dahua™. HD-CVI is not backward compatible with analog cameras and is currently available in 2 variations 720p and 1080p. Even CVI 1080p is not backwards compatible with CVI 720p so already they are experiencing problems. Unlike HD-CVI, HD-TVI is fully backwards compatible. The Alliance DVR by MIE, allows you to use either analog cameras or HD-TVI cameras in any configuration, even allowing for one or two additional IP cameras to be added to these recording units. We are sure TVI will become the new standard. Our new Alliance range of HD-TVI CCTV is available now. TVI has been adopted by many big manufacturers so will not be discontinued any time soon and is now the main focus of many manufacturers. Samsung, TVT, and Hikvision have all adopted this technology so is the only choice for future proofing your Home or Business CCTV solution. HD-TVI is backwards compatible, unlike HD-SDI, so you will still be able to connect traditional analog cameras. If you are considering HD-SDI or HD-CVI, we think the best bet is to look at TVI as this is the technology that is soon going to dominate the market. If you already have analog BNC cable run, TVI will be a great way to upgrade to you CCTV system to HD.  

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