Alliance DVR HDD Installation Guide

6 April 2016  |  Mark Curry

For this HDD Installation you will need;

A Hard Drive
An Alliance DVR
A Phillips Head 2 x 125 screw driver


Step 1

Remove all 6 screws from each side of the DVR and carefully remove the DVR lid.


Step 2

Now take your HDD and screw the 4 silver screw into the HDD. ( Your screws should come with your DVR ) you will need to hand screw them in about 1 to 2cm in.



Once done it will look like this.



Step 3

Place the HDD as shown below so that the holes align. Once aligned gently push down on the HDD to ensure that the screws go through the holes. ( It should look like the photos below )




Step 4

Now flip the DVR so that you can access the screws at the bottom. ( Remember to support your HDD with your hand as it will fall out ) Using your hand pull or push the HDD so the screws enter the small channels by the screw holes. ( Once done it will look like the photos below )



Step 5

Now tighten your screws so the HDD is tight and secure.


Step 6

Now you are ready to plug in your HDD. ( You should have the power and SATA cables as seen in the photo below )


First plug the white end of the power connector into the 4 pin white receiver.



Now plug the SATA lead into the SATA port. ( The SATA lead can be plugged in at either end )



Step 7

Now you are ready to plug the power and SATA lead's into the HDD. The HDD has two ports. The power is on the LEFT and the SATA on the RIGHT. ( Both of the ports are a L shape and can only be fitted one way )


First plug your power connector into the power port.


Now plug your SATA connector into the SATA port. Once done it will look like this.


Now its time to plug your DVR you will need to

Plug your DVR power supply into the Kycon DC power connector. Connect your DVR to a monitor using either the VGA or HDMI outputs. Connect a mouse using the USB port at the back of the DVR.

Once you have done all of the above you are now ready to initialise your HDD ( Please watch the short video on how to initialise your HDD )

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