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Ajax Superior KeyPad Plus - White

Ajax Superior KeyPad Plus - White

SKU:  KeyPadPlus-Superior-White
Brand:  Ajax

Ajax KeyPad Plus - White

Works with Hub+, Hub2 & Hub2+

Wireless indoor touch-senstive keyboard to control the Ajax security system with contactless access devices: cards, tags and smartphones

Contactless access for users

With KeyPad Plus, it is no longer necessary to create an Ajax account for new users. Just provide a person with an RFID tag or card to grant them access to the whole security system or particular groups. A smartphone with Ajax app and Bluetooth enabled works as an access device.

Remote access management for owners

KeyPad Plus events are recorded in the system event feed. If an access device is lost, the owner can disable it instantly in the Ajax app, and the user can use a personal passcode instead. All user permissions can be changed remotely and in real-time.

Advanced antisabotage

KeyPad Plus features protection against code guessing. After several attempts to guess the passcode or use an invalid card/tag, the keypad is locked. Users and a security company receive notifications about such attempts or when the keypad is removed from the mount/lost communication.

Guaranteed commands delivery

We've developed the Jeweler radio protocol to ensure system communication. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communications, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against hacking.

Ajax Pass & Tag

the access devices for KeyPad Plus
Pass and Tag have the same functionality but different shape - pick the most convenient for you.
One Tag or Pass can manage up to 28 security systems.
Access devices are sold separately in batches of 3/10/1 00



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