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Pyronix Enforcer Smoke WE Sensor

Pyronix Enforcer Smoke WE Sensor

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Brand:  Pyronix



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Pyronix Enforcer SMOKE-WE Two Way Wireless Smoke Sensor

The famous Enforcer system is further complemented with this 868MHZ Two-Way Wireless Smoke sensor. Enforcer systems can be used to protect both homes and businesses alike where personal security and safety are paramount. Because the communicating technology used is two way, the control panel will always know if there is a fault on the smoke sensor, so lives are not put at risk.

  • 85dB alert
  • Photoelectric Smoke Sensor
  • Removable Smoke Chamber
  • Test Button
  • One Push To Learn Button
  • Signal Strength Indicator on the Device
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption
  • 868MHz Transceiver FM technology

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